whole30 salad dressing recipes


Even with something as “clean” and healthy as a salad, sticking to Whole30 can be a challenge since common dressing ingredients, like Greek yogurt and honey, are no-gos on the plan. Fortunately, food bloggers and recipe developers are getting creative with ingredient swaps so you can liven up your greens and stay compliant.

For example, nutritionist Rania Batayneh, MPH, owner of Essential Nutrition For You and the author of The One One One Diet, loves combining olive oil (or avocado or grapeseed oil) with lemon and sumac for a simple yet zesty dressing.

“Ingredients like garlic, lemon zest, and herbs can really enhance the flavor profile,” Batayneh explains. “It’s really nice to mix and match ingredients to fit your mood that day.”

Ready to spice up your salads? Bookmark these Whole30-approved salad dressing recipes.

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