Gluten-Free Sweet: Watch Easy Recipe Of This Healthy, Vegan, Weight-Loss Friendly Barfi

  • This sweet barfi is healthy, vegan and gluten-free
  • It contains the goodness of apples and coconut
  • Serve this healthy sweet dish to people allergic to gluten

A healthy diet is usually shorn off sweet delicacies. It could be the sugar or high-fat dairy or high-carb flours that digress desserts to be included among healthy foods. There are other sects of health-conscious people who follow a restricted diet not to just lose weight but also to overcome their individual health issues. There are many people who are vegan by choice or are actually allergic to dairy products. There are also some people who have zero tolerance to wheat grains and products made from them. They are forced to follow a gluten-free diet or vegan diet with limited number of foods and a sweet dessert is just a far-fetched dream. Or, maybe not. Here’s an astounding recipe of a popular Indian sweet (mithai) – barfi – which is delicious and is also vegan and gluten-free.

Barfi is traditionally consumed during festive and religious occasions. It reflects the spirit of celebration. Barfi can be made in various forms, the most popular ones being – kaju ki barfi, besan ki barfi, kesar ki barfi and anjeer ki barfi. Here, we introduce you to an altogether new kind of barfi that you probably must have never heard of – apple coconut barfi. This barfi is a conglomeration of two super healthy foods – apple and coconut. Apple is a hugely popular fruit that is eaten throughout the year for the endless health benefits it provides. Coconut is also healthy food or paramount importance that is consumed in different forms like coconut water, grated coconut in salads and chutneys and coconut milk. Both apple and coconut are low in calories and make for excellent weight loss-friendly foods.

This apple coconut barfi brings together the goodness of apples and coconut to make a sumptuous sweet that you can have without worrying about dairy or gluten. This barfi has a fudge-like texture and is super easy to make. The recipe has been shared by Manjula Jain, a famous food vlogger with her own YouTube channel, “Manjula’s Kitchen’.

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