This Apple Jalebi Is Indulgence Overload! Watch How You Can Make The Dessert At Home









Either toss them in your salads or sneak them in pie, there are very few fruits that exhibit the same kind of versatility as apples. They are sweet, crunchy and oh-so-delectable. This is perhaps the reason why they are so good to bake. If you are looking for more decadence, you can even fry them up in jalebis. Yes, you heard us! Apple jalebis are a thing, and they are pure indulgence. Team them with creamy and nutty rabri and you are good to go.


Jalebi is one of the oldest desserts we have known. Jalebi did not even originate in India, but it is a desi version of west Asian “Zolabiya” or “Zalabiya.” The aromatic sweet treat can be enjoyed anytime of the day. A hit among both children and adults, apple jalebi can be easily prepared at home. The best part about the dessert is that you do not even need many exotic ingredients to make it. Popular vlogger and YouTuber Manjula Jain has shared a delish recipe of apple Jalebi on her YouTube Channel ‘Manjula’s Kitchen’. You would need some peeled green apples, sliced in thin rings. For the batter, you would need all-purpose flour, maida, dry yeast and sugar. Every jalebi is as good or bad as the chashni it is dipped in. For the aromatic chashni, you would need some sugar, water, lemon and cardamom powder. Garnish your piping hot apple jalebis with chopped pistachios.

Here’s the recipe of Apple Jalebi. Let us know how you like it.

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