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Diabetes Diet: This Delish Broccoli Salad Is Ideal To Keep Your Blood Sugar Level In Check

Diabetes is also closely interlinked with obesity.

Diabetes is currently one of the most common metabolic disorders in the world. The condition is characterised by elevated blood sugar levels. The blood sugar fluctuations can take a toll on the health of your kidneys and heart. Diabetes is also closely interlinked with obesity. According to a study published in The Lancet, about 98 million Indians would be diabetic by the year 2030. Lack of awareness, poor diet and lifestyle habits, could make diabetes management a tough task. Diet plays a very crucial role in managing the condition. While it is hard to reverse diabetes, but you can definitely keep your blood sugar levels in check by ensuring few healthy dietary practices.

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If you are a diabetes patient, you should ideally keep a safe distance from junk and processed foods. It is also advisable to avoid sugary goods (read: ketchup, aerated drinks and fruit cereals). Diabetics should supplement their diet with fibre-rich food. Fibre takes time to break down, due to which, the release of sugar in the bloodstream is slow. This further ensures that there are no abrupt blood sugar spikes. Green leafy and cruciferous vegetables are often high in fibre and low in starchy carbs. Green vegetables may have a mixed fan base, but there is no contesting the fact that they are super nutritious. Most of them are amazingly versatile too! You can toss them up in salads, use them in soups, blend them in smoothies and what not.

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