Weight Loss: Serve This Low-Cal Masala Paneer Snack To Your Health-Conscious Guests

Healthy paneer snack

  • Here is a healthy, low-cal masala paneer cubes snack
  • It is rich in proteins and is weight loss-friendly
  • Try the easy, quick paneer snack recipe and serve to your guests

Gone are those days when everyone would run for a plate of fried potatoes or creamy malai chicken tikka at a party. The current crop of health buffs wants their snacks to be non-oily and non-fattening. And, paneer (or cottage cheese) is their best bet. Paneer is one of the healthiest foods; it is low-calorie and can be eaten raw. Paneer is soft and creamy and tastes luscious. It is bland in taste, which means it can be paired with any other food or spice. Any paneer-based dish will make for an excellent appetiser and will impress your health-conscious guests as paneer doles out a range of health benefits.

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Paneer is a powerhouse of proteins, which apart from spurting an energy boost also helps in weight loss by keeping the stomach full for a long time. This prevents binge eating later in between the meals. Paneer is a low-calorie food and contains conjugated linoleic acid that propels the fat burning process in the body.

This weight-loss-friendly recipe of masala paneer cubes has been shared by food vlogger Manjula Jain, who posted the recipe video on her YouTube channel ‘Manjula’s Kitchen’. These masala paneer cubes can be used in ways more than one. You can serve them as is with sauce or chutney, or pair them with fruit platter or top wheat crackers with them.

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